One Foot in Front of the Other

by Lonesome Leash

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Rain Dog
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Rain Dog There's something special about lonesome leash and his music, I couldn't tell you what it is but I love it. I just keep coming back to it again and again, it's haunting me (but in a good way). You sir have an amazing talent, you are one of those artists that bring something in my life, something I never knew I needed in the first place but I couldn't live without it now ... For that, I am immensly grateful. Thank you for sharing your art with us and thank you for existing!
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released September 10, 2013

Performed by Walt McClements
Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Don Godwin



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Lonesome Leash Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Maps
I toss and I turn your words like sunbeams, oh they burn
You spit them like stones across my skin and they shook me to my bones
You drew lines cross my chest
Charting a map, and when you disappear
I'll follow you there

You unground me, always, (all ways)
Standing tall we stretch our eyes across this land
Letters find me in the darkness burning brightly
But nothing binds me to these ideas except these ideas

Or this thought
my heart's half hollow, not half dead
the moment you said
Don't confuse this map for where we really are
like I confused your words for shooting stars
You spit them like wishes, all around
now they're flopping like fishes, on the ground
my words hung still in the air like hollow sails, waiting for your breath to take them away from here

I thought of you a mountain, something measured, something to be climbed
But you were more the ocean floor, and when the tide came out, the sun bleached bones of our days patterned on the sand
I thought of you a forest, something to lose myself in, sun streamed paths
But you were more the desert, brilliant to behold,
and you would kill me unaware

You unground me...
Track Name: Dead
I stand in line with other men, young and old
to get our fingers pricked, our fortunes told
Which card will it be?
We worry bout that nine of swords,
a nightmare calls to me with your last words
When you learned your lifeline was just a scar
that laid upon your palm
I think of days past, but why do I forget those days were
so many's last?

Would I be dead too
if I came of age with you?
Those were different times, and I'm alive in mine
do I know what that means?

And how would it be
if I was not taught to believe
every other man's love would poison me

Stories sunk into the ground
Teachers never had
Songs never sung
Stories sunk into that ground

Where did all these shadows come from?
From what light were they cast?

Would I be dead too
if I came of age with you?
Track Name: This Time
A line drawn between the last kind words he said to me
crosses the slight lean of a bedpost weighed down with
someone else's dreams
and the angle cuts the creep of the morning's light
it's a diagram of a sleepless night

I fell cross this country, tis of thee that I fell down on my knees
to beg of you, or to ask of you
I said I'd trade it all away
to spend my life with you
or if nothing more,
one more night with you

And you held me in your sway,
and you held them ghosts at bay
and I'm holding tight to these precious memories,
well, they are few and far between
but here comes a new one

In that city that don't sleep
we walked amongst them grave hills steep
and you kissed me in an archway made of leaves
then sunbeams, like golden arrows pierced our skin
no friends, no saints, no strangers
only stone angels watched us then

This time, I showed you the light that lives underneath my skin
like you showed me yours that time you blinded me with all that we could be to each other

This time, we won't split that truth in half and leave each other with bitter laughs

This time, we'll know the colors of our eyes that we lose each other in, this time

This time, in separate rooms
This time, we fall asleep
This time, we throw them lamps into the street
This time, we watch that light explode
It fills the sky, until all is dark again
ready to be filled by the light that lives underneath someone else's skin
Track Name: Road
Where there is smoke
There is fire
And when I die
No desire

All that I know and all that I've seen

There is a place where the road meets the sky
and there is a place where these feelings never die

I'm driving west with the sunlight in my eyes
there is a place where these feelings never die