I am no captain

by Lonesome Leash

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released January 1, 2013

Performed by Walt McClements
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Don Godwin
Produced by Don Godwin and Walt McClements
Photo by Santiago Mostyn



all rights reserved


Lonesome Leash Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Riddle
I tried to spin a tale, but I ended with a riddle
like, "I gave my love a cherry", but he choked upon the middle
Or: God gave you a life and a knife, and said it's your job to whittle
so you carved off all the rotten spots and now you're left with far too little

Another apple, that cannot fall from the tree

So now I watch the light fade, from blues to slipping greys
That is all I did today, yes, that is all we do these days
but I've been sold this notion, that one crack in the sidewalk
still does open, to an ocean of poplar leaves and apple seeds
and we can float so gingerly




But if that water fails to spread, this questions done,
a fool I'm dead
Somewhere in the fish and reeds, a fool I smile,
my teeth are seeds

But if that water makes a path, a fool I frown
and facing wrath
of one more day and if I might
one more nervous nervous night
Track Name: Feeding Frenzy
He walked, he walked, he walked
through this crowd, like he'd danced with all the strangers
and he talked, he talked, he talked
like he'd sung us all to sleep from different stages

Like we'd eaten out of his hand and we'd cried out of his mouth

So we danced, we danced, we danced
like he danced, like a forest on fire
Our fingers licking the sky, then reaching higher

So I won't save a sadder song for him, not for him

This is not a feeding frenzy but you'd smell blood in calmer water's throes
You're so good at seeding envy but that don't need no room to grow

It's spring again, it's spring again
we can sweat away all them memories and regrets
Track Name: Ghosts
I've got an anchor in my suitcase today,
and an anchor's all I need, to stay
Look out that horizon, it calls to me, it calls to me
and this question of where we end, it falls to me

Sometimes we choose what lives inside us and what does die
Sometimes we choose when we smile and when we cry
Those are good days, this I know, and this I mean
Now I lay awake, I hope my thoughts don't pierce your dreams

There are ghosts between us as we lay
I heard them say
that there are ghosts between us as we lay